Michael Jury

Hello and a warm welcome to my web page.

I am a amateur photographer living in South Australia just having fun and loving life, I took up photography a few years ago after many other adventures and challenges and was fascinated in "life through the lens" so to speak, being outside in nature is what I regard as my perfect day and I have been trying to make that beautiful photo ever since

I especially enjoy capturing nature and that frozen moment we don't get to see with our eyes, or that special glimpse of life at its utmost rewarding is what I try to capture the most, birds and in particular birds in flight are something I am very passionate about as trying to get a small fast moving subject in the viewfinder of a camera with a telephoto lens is a challenge, let alone getting the camera to focus on its eye leaves for many frustrating moments, giggles and inevitable failures.

Thank you for stopping by and looking at my work it's very much appreciated, hope in some ways it can open your eyes to the beauty and magic of nature and I can only hope I can one day do it justice, all of my bird photos are of wild, free birds that I dedicate a lot of time and hard work to pursue and along with my landscapes are mostly captured in and around the beautiful South Australia where I call home.

I am both very fortunate and privileged to be able to photograph all this beautiful wildlife and am alway's looking to plan my next adventure so I can get back out there doing what I love.

Thank you once more for looking at my work and kind regards



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